Khun Paen LP Sakorn 2546 Phim Yai Nue Khao

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Phra Khun Pean Roon Farpa Lp Sakorn of Wat Nong krab Rayong was made in B.E 2546 using the same style & method as Phra Khun Pean Lp Tim of Wat Lahanrai. Lp Sakorn is Lp Tim chosen successor. This is a very good piece to wear and keep as the price will definately increase in future. This batch 2546 KP comes in 3 types of material white type which is called ner khao, yellow material which is called ner leuang & pink material which is ner chumpoo. There are many miracles that happen to the user of this batch of Khun pean. This Phra Khun Pean is very good for business dealings, meta maha saneh & maha niyom, protection from harms & smooth sailing. With gpra cert authenticity is confirm...

US$ 328

Thu, 5 Jul 2018 @16:14