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Luggrok Meaw

Super Rare Luggrog Meaw Spirit – stillborn offspring cat by Kruba Seney,                       Wat ChiangKhan, Chiang Mai province

Powerful Charm of luck and wealth.


Year: B.E.2548 (C.E.2005)

Size: 3 cm x 10.5 cm

This Luggrog Meaw after received from Kruba Seney, continuosly Chanting by Archan DiSin everyday since BE2550 until today.

Purpose for Making: KB Saney has been made this charm that require donation of money for building the toilets, a pavilion and monk’s house.

Material: This Luggrog Meaw got from a carcass of kitty that a mother of kitty has 7 colors on her body. Moreover, Kruba Seney alway has taken Luggrog Meaw in his bag.

The way to search Luggrog Meaw:

1. First, you should ask for permission to take “Luggrok Meaw” from it.

2. When it near give birth, it will come to meet you.

3. When it gave birth, you should ask for permission to take “Luggrok Meaw” again.

4. Take “Luggrok Meaw” to sun and dry out.

5. Take “Luggrok Meaw” to plate gold leaf and anoint the oil.

Moreover, take to monk bless it.

Ceremony: Kruba Seney covers with gold leaves a Luggrog with himself and write Yant with strongly blessed in auspicious time.


Thai people believed Lookgrog Maew is a great amulet and super rare to find. Luggrog Meaw amulet has many super powers such as charm, wealth, luck , gambling and sex appeal. In addition, Luggrog Meaw is harder finding than Rok Meaw (placenta) that Thai people believe Luggrog Meaw has a cat spirit live in carcass. If men keep this amulet with them, it will bring sex appeal, charm and attraction to them.

Luggrog Meaw has only advantages dose not has disadvantage.

The way to worship:

1. Incense 5 incense sticks for inform your guardian spirit to take “Look Krok Maeo” into your home.

2. Give auspicious name to “Luggrok Maew”

3. Should offer food, mackerel and fresh water to “Luggrok Maew”

4. Beg “Look Krok Maeo” to fulfill your wishes. History of Lookgrog Maew:

Biography of KB Saney:

Kruba SaNay, Wat ChiangKan in Chiang Mai province has knowledge of Visha (Magic) to exorcise. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He studied meditation and magic from many Guru Monks of Thailand. Also, Kruba SaNay has been studied the art of making efficacious amulets and magic candle from Cambodia’s magic book.

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