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      SuperCharming Lip Wax Cream - SiPhueng Arthan Maha Seney

                 by Archan Wara Prakan, Samutprakran province 

Don’t miss good occasion to Super rare item if you want success in love. We only have one in stock.  Once sold, you will never get another one from us !


Archan Wara made this sacred Super-charming lip wax from many charm herbs and oil.

Ceremony: Archan Wara produced the Super-charming lip wax in auspicious day followed ancient method and properly blessed by himself for long time.

Power: SiPhueng Arthan Maha Saney by Archan Wara can make worshiper to be more charm, sex appeal, kindness and success in love and negotiation by you can apply the lip wax on your eyebrows and lip. Moreover, this sacred lip wax can bring wealth, good business and fortune to worshiper by apply in your shop or office.

Biography of Arjarn Wara:

Archan Wara PraKan was a famous guru master in magical mystery. When he was 14 years old, he learned to produced oil of charm from Khmer. Firstly, he made Namnan (oil) and SiPhueng (lip wax). He used the material from Nakorn Ratchasima Province. Both amulets were successful. He tested his Namman (oil) until he has 32 wives. Thus, he was very famous about making Namman-Prai and magic charm.

He has many experiences with Phra Archan in Khmer and kept many rare holy mass over 10 years old. These mass are known as magical things that has super power to made amulets is strong and very hard to find nowadays. He is one of the top guru masters who have reputation for his Visha and Buddhist Dharma (he has only one wife). He dies in 2005.

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