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This solid 24K gold covered takrut is very rare only being blessed in a limited number. It is known as ''HuoJai Maha Burut Paet Jampuag'' which essentially means that there are 8 great types heart of men and women in this world.

This example is in mint condition and i can tell you that it is highly sought after by collectors of Archan Chum Chaikiri's amulets. Archan Chum has said that these takruts were created in strict accordance with an ancient science believed to be at least 1000 years old and incorporate the sacred power of many great men over the centuries, including Lord Buddha, the greatest king, the greatest warrior and so on.

Archan Chum gave specific instructions for the use of these takruts which we will advise the purchaser.

According to the Archan DiSin:

This Yant origins in the 'HongSaWaDee' city. The Yant is the male Yant over the female Yant. The name is the 'Yant HuaJaiBuRut Paed JamPuag'.

If bury in the Buddha's statue that is brokenly damaged, there will be someone who come to reconstruct and prosper.

If bury in an ocean, it will become shallow. If bury at the garden which is not fruitful, then there will be fruitful.

If bury in the forest, it will become a home.

If bury in the house, there will be more people, and thief can not do any harm, there will be a home spirit and the harmful animals can not enter the house.

For a woman that can not have a baby, just tie on the wrist, she will give pregnant for a lot of boys and girls.

At the time of paying a sermon, insert the tarkut on the cloth to put across the shoulder, and you will be admired by all people, and many of the luck will come.

If bury at the center of the house underneath the floor. There will be a lot of luck happen. āļŊ

Archan DiSin is very expert in making efficacy takrut Yant HuaJai Burut Paed JamPuad. Please see the page of Archan DiSin.


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