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Golden Python SpurSnake spur

 King of Gold Python's Spur

The genital of snake is a pretty delicate angel from heaven or modify the Phaya Snake. There are Jai Kard Trakud, Dhok ThongTrakud, Salika Trakud all of that a super charm. And also Taewa coin with charm oil for who want to have ascendancy.

Make to allocated to shoot magical meat has merit, the possession of Lord Naga here. King of gold python’s spur has the mystical power in itself. It is the mystical thing that be renowned from the past until now in case of its mystical & sacred power.

It is a superb item that will support the owner to have wealth & luck all the time. The life will not go down, having glorious life, make a business more easier and get money higher & unbelievable.

In nature, only King of gold python which is male and very old will has King of gold python’s spur so,it is very valuable and superb. Pra Acharn O took this King of gold python’s spur from the mystical forest name “Sarm-Lam” where located at the boundary line between Thailand and Laos. -It is excellent in case of gamble as ancient words stated that King of gold python’s spur will hypnotize all of gamblers to be clobbered ,likewise you are King of snake.

-It is excellent in case of wealth & luck, earn a living, customer will come to you automatically, suitable for business working ,likewise the victims(animal) that walk to the snake’s mouth by themselves. -It is excellent in case of charm ,likewise King of gold python that always has female snakes come to breed nonstop.This King of gold python’s spur can be carried by male, female, and third gender also

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