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Kumanthong Saenchang create from Kumanthep subject.

The course is a traditional old. It turns out that there is a first start. Collecting material for long time the various powders are many wonderful powder such as Luangpu Promma powders, Luangpu Kumpan powders, Wat Thart Maharchai powders, Phrai Guman Powders, Phuttha Nimit powders of Luangpu Kong.

Kumanthong bearing a magic power successful following wish until now exists as a Kumanthong Saenchang.

Before taking into housing. With stick candles, flowers, notice the host of house. “Today is fully great day .. I will take the Kumanthong Saenchang come to help me to be rich and lucky, it is a magical amulet of gold weighing a bracket that holds the rich to help the rank and fortune to appear both turns eight friendly to all eight direction. The true fortune. Let it be, mote it be soon".

After than take into house pray for your target life and think about Luangpu Kong, Luangpor Paen and the point of Kumanthong as Aongporsaen.


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