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Name: Si Pheng Jai Khad Batch: “Sao Ha” (auspicious time) From: LP O PhutThaRakSa, Wat SiSu Phon, Phetchaboon province

Origin: Guarantee 100% from Wat SiSu Phon, Thailand.  Color: black 

Material: this charming lip wax made from many holy substances such as charming herbs, charming oils and charming powders. Purpose for making: donate money from amulet to develop and restore the buildings in Wat SiSu Phon.

Ceremony: LP O made See Phueng Jai Khat and strongly consecrated in auspicious time or 20 March 2010 at the Buddhist temple of Wat SiSu Phon.

Year: B.E.2553 (C.E.2010)

Power: See Phueng Jai Khat by LP O is very well known about making worshipper to be more sex appeal, charming, attractive and enchanting. Moreover, this charming lip wax can bring success in love to worshipper. Presented: there is charming Takrut inside the lip wax to increase powerful.

Special notice: there is specific incantation to worship Cream/Si Phueng Jai Khad.

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