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Takrut Seneh Jai Khad 6th Batch

Material: metal Yant sheet

Year : BE 2555 (2012)

Power: This Takrut is excellent charm to opposite sex and very powerful having strong power that can bring you strong sex appeal. When you are near an opposite sex, they will be charmed and will full in love cannot stop loving you and have an erection to you. Strong charm power will make someone keep thinking of you. When he or she does not see you, they will be love sick. Besides, this charm power will make the seniors or people in authority kind to you. It is intriguingto people, compassion toward the boss and be merciful.

How to Use:

1. Wear it like you use belt (under your stomach)around your waist for charm towards people.

2. To make someone full in love and have erection to you, write his or her name on a small paper, roll it and insert it into Takrut or soak Takrut in the water, then take Takrut out and give the person you wish drink this water.

3. If you wish her/him to become lover, you wirte her/him name in the paper and put in Takrut after that go to meet her/him. she/he will full in love to you.

Caution: Do not use this amulet as a tool of love affair or fraud because it is a sin!


Please read the Article about LP O Phutthoraksa.

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