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Phra YodKhunPol made by Ajarn Chum Chaikiri, Ajarn Nam Kewjun and Khun Phan Drak Rajadej together with the disciples of Ajarn Thao of Wat Khao Or made and chanted at Wat Phra Baromathat Nakhon Sri Thammarat, since year BE 2497.

Only 2,500 pcs were made from amulets in total of 84,000 pcs in the same ceremony.

Powder made from old YodKhunPol powder that Ajarn Khong used to made for ancient Khun Paen, Ajarn Khong told Ajarn Chum through the Median to go to dig up the powder to create amulet by his method for celebrate the Half of Buddhist Era (year BE 2500), so Ajarn Chum has create these YodKhunPol amulets in the same ceremony of Phra Baromathat from sacred powder of 108 kru, but limited only 2,500 pcs.

Cao Khun Phra Pattaramuni, the abbot of Wat Phra Baromathat as master of the Monks, LPKlai (Wat Suan Khan), LP Opasi (Arsrom BangMod), LP Keaw (Wat Hrong Bon, LP Daeng (Wat Tha Sala), LP Kling (Wat Thalung Thong), LP Pahl (Wat Khao Or), LP Khong (Wat Ban Suan), LP Dis (Wat Pak Sra), LP Man (Wat Khao Daeng), LP Song (Wat Cao Fa Sala Loi), LP Pheum (Wat Koh Lak), LP Daeng (Wat Khao Bandai It), LP Ngern (Wat DomYai Hom), LP Tae (Wat Sam Ngan) andAjarn Karawas included Ajarn Chum Chaikiri, Ajarn Nam Keaw Chan and Khun Phan Darak Rajadej etc………….

Chanted for 7 different purposes, each for 7 days, like : Metta Mahaniyom (Attractiveness) for 7 days, KhongKhaphan (Body Protection) for 7 days, Maha Ut (Arms Protection) 7 days, Protect from Animal and Insects for 7 days, Protect from Evil Spirits and Illness for 7 days.

Mostly use for The Leader or people who has Leadership, it’s powerful amulet, good for : Protect of all weapon, Bring Luck and Fortune for those who use with high morals, can wear or Bucha at home, or made Holy water for military before go for war or to cure illness or Black Magic and exocise the evil spirits.

But there’s also some restrictions to user, like you have to keep 5 sacrament as a good Buddhism, and not allowed to go to sex entertaint place, also don’t let women touch this amulet, or even by men, have to wash hand with special Katha first before touch.

Since Ajarn Chum was alive, not everyone can have this item even they have money.

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