Benefit order with Dhammaraj Thai Amulet Centre :

1.Authentic Life Guarantee (Money back Guarantee)

We guarantee the item you order is authentic from the sources temple Wat or certain master.  Money back guarantee if you find it is not authentic.

2. Experience

We are experience in Thai Amulet since 1992.

3. Preference

Almost all of our Amulet on this Web are choose by our Master and have experience with good feed back by many people.  More than 70% are our collection item and many items are put on altar receive chanting everyday by our Master.  We don't offer item what we don't know !

4. Charity Works
 More than 50% from the profit of this web's revenue will distribute for temple construction/reparation, and the balance 50% for replace the amulet. 

5. Express Services

Order today under 11:00 am, if the stock is available, at the same day the item will send out.

6. Katha/Mantra

We provide a correct Katha/Mantra according to the temple's amulet attachment.

7. Association

Our Master is the Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association, Thailand.


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