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LuangPhor O or Ajarn O PhutThaRakSa is monk who success in making the “Gapruan Thong Riek Sap” amulet (the powerful small gold bell which can call money) and has been studied the art of making efficacious amulet from Wahn Phraidam (holy herb).

Besides, LP O studied the magic from his grandfather who was a disciple of Somdej Lun (a Laotian magical expert).

He is special in making powerful unique amulet which are super rare and difficult to get it, like Dugong Tear, Elephant’s breeding oil, King of Python Snake Spur, Penis of Naga , Placenta of Cat etc.

His amulets are very powerful and the result can be seen immediately

He is also the teacher of Phra Ajarn Wean.

Now Ajarn O is highly popular in Thailand and had many devotees come seek his help and amulets. He is consider the top 10 upcoming monk in Thailand.

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